I bow, I congratulate, I thank you…

Apropos TD Fuego’s ‘The Gold Medalist’

Mr TD Fuego 

In the names of all and every Basanti, Brigitte, Bilkis and other Mauritius Female Textile Workers. 

Your five-column article in the Mauritius Times of 30 March 2012 is worth a five-hundred page essay about these Women who above all the others deserve the title of Ladies. And to whom an ungrateful Mauritius owes so much !

Once I tried to write a few pages about them… but I gave up after some hundred pages… for lack of gift, talent and models within reach… There were and still there are no Female Textile Workers in Reunion. Please, do write that book ! 

Were I the Mayor of some Municipality, I would have given a large street the following name: 

Basanti, Brigitte and Bilkis Street

Mauritius Most Meritorious Female Textile Workers 

Yours very sincerely 

Joseph J.G. Varondin
Reunion Island

* Published in print edition on 13 April 2012

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