Sister! Partner! Goddess

Woman! Mother! Sister! Partner! Goddess!

You cover the whole range of our needs

Our want of affection and protection

Warm in your womb and secure in your heart!

Woman! Sister! Partner! Half of Heaven!

You breathe life and purpose into our dreams !

Always by our side to back up our hopes!

You can give without end, unstoppable!

Woman! Goddess! You enlighten our lives

Like the warming sun and the soothing moon

Sweet as the rose and gentle as the breeze!

Our safe haven and our heaven on earth!

Woman! Mother! Sister! Partner! Goddess!

Woman eternal, there’s no life without you!

* * *

Woman! You Are Mother

Woman! You are mother! You are daughter!

You are your own mother, your own daughter.

And every day, you recreate the world!

You are the roots, the branches and the fruits!

Like a tree anywhere, there you will grow.

You are the home and you are your own home!

You are the anchor, you are the compass!

You are the Boat and you are the Ocean!

And when or where you stand, you are the rock!

And wherever you lie, you are the couch!

And where you choose to sit, you are the throne!

Mother of Mothers! O Mother of Life!

You are the Nile, the Ganges and Huang He!

You have no end! You are the beginnings!

J Tsang Mang Kin

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