In Memoriam: Darsan Foogooa

By Balmick (Rohit) Foogooa

He was not endowed with the gift of the gab. It must be because of this shortcoming that he refused, when being called upon to do so, to join the Teachers’ Training College after completing his GCEs in the early 1950s.

They say our late mum had always wanted him to become a doctor. But, alas, she herself met with a premature death at the age of 36 and her dream never materialized. Instead, I completed that mission. I remember studying Biology using my late Bhayaa Darsan’s textbooks.

After our mum’s untimely demise, being the eldest, Bhayaa almost assumed the role of mother and, for much of the time, that of father as well for his six younger siblings. He rolled up his sleeves and set out to shoulder our dad’s responsibilities as a small planter, for the latter was busy with his teaching profession.

Life had something more special to suit our brother’s traits: reserved, modest and a tendency to perform his duty in silence and with diligence. All this, of course, added lustre to his sterling personality.

Like father, like son goes the saying. In fact, out of all of our Pater’s siblings, Bhayaa was the ONLY ONE to have the father’s traits.

Whatever job he was entrusted with, he discharged it with the utmost sincerity of purpose and, above all, with rigid integrity and impartiality. In his lifetime, he handled various functions. He was Member and Chairman of the Long Mountain Village Council and Member and Chairman of the Pamplemousses/Riviere du Rempart District Council. He was also a member of staff of the Agricultural Marketing Board, the Cooperative Union and Secretary of the Ruisseau Rose Cooperative Credit Society (RRCCS).

It is worth noting that in 2006, at a farewell function held at the seat of the RRCCS, the Registrar of the Cooperatives emphasized, inter alia, that never ever had one and the same person served as secretary of any CCS for such a long period of time as Darsan Foogooa. 50 years in all!

Moreover, all the members of the CCS were so satisfied with the way he had carried out his duties that they unanimously requested him to train his own son Doorgesh to take over, which the latter did.

Born in May 1932, Bhayaa passed away on 24 November 2010. He will be sadly missed by his wife, children and all other family members and friends.

May his soul rest in peace. Aum shanti, shanti, shanti. 

* Published in print edition on 3 December 2010

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