How to influence electors and win votes

Socratic Dialogue

By Plutonix

In the bustling agora of ancient Athens, amidst the lively exchanges and spirited debates, Socrates and Cephalus find themselves engrossed in a Socratic Dialogue on the art of political persuasion. Surrounded by marble columns and under the shade of olive trees, they engage in philosophical discourse that transcends time, pondering the timeless challenge of winning over electors and securing votes.Bribing Voters. Pic – Economic Times

 Socrates: Ah, Cephalus, my friend, have you noticed how politics seems to attract the most ambitious souls? It’s like a magnet for those who fancy themselves as future rulers of the realm!

Cephalus: Indeed, Socrates! It’s as if there’s a signpost saying, “Ambitious dreamers, this way to power and glory — caution: potholes ahead!”

Socrates: And yet, my dear Cephalus, in today’s electoral circus, it’s not merely about dreaming big — it’s about convincing electors to trust you with their sacred vote. How does one achieve such a feat?

Cephalus: Ah, Socrates, that’s the million-dollar question! Electors nowadays are as picky as ancient Athenians at a wine symposium. They want promises fulfilled, palms greased, and perhaps a dash of charm to seal the deal.

Socrates: Charm and promises, you say? It sounds like our modern politicians must be part bard, spinning tales of prosperity and conjuring visions of a utopian future—all while avoiding the traps of empty rhetoric and campaign clichés! Read More… Become a Subscriber

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