Hear me out, please Motherland of mine


By Kushida D. Fulena

Glory to thee, Motherland for raising many brave, unflinching heroes and sheroes, who are committed to finding every possible means to save us all from the life-threatening Covid-19.

O Motherland of mine, Sweet is thy beauty, Sweet is thy fragrance. Indeed, you have shown us during this calamitous moment that religion, caste, class, status, power, money, which used to divide us, are finally insignificant. Instead, today, your children regardless of their political affiliation, caste, religion are working hand in hand, with courage, determination, and without any fear towards the same goal: exterminate the virus once for all. 

Dearest Motherland of mine, you have made us realise that this is a collective battle which can be won if only we brace ourselves as one people, as one nation and work out our best strategy to defeat the enemy in peace, justice and liberty.

My beloved Motherland, may God bless thee forever and ever. May all your children be granted another chance to appreciate those blissful moments they spend walking barefoot on the soft golden sand. May you hear one more time your grandchildren playing and laughing in the waves lapping on the shore.

We do regret for having taken you for granted during those past 52 years. We have uprooted so many of your beautiful trees, we have polluted the air, killed many of your children – we acknowledge the chaos we have created. Kindly grant us a chance to rectify our mistakes. Maybe today, it has dawned upon of many of us the continuous harm we have inflicted on you. May we be given an opportunity to become the heroes and sheroes and mend our ways to become better persons in saving you from any further destructions.

My dear patriots,  please understand that the only way we can mend our mistakes is by protecting ourselves from Covid-19. If you refrain from adhering to what has been constantly advised to you, you are no more different from the virus. Instead, you are helping in the extermination of your own people. We should understand that confining ourselves is the best strategy to vanquish our enemy, which remains the one and only Covid-19. Only then, as one people, as one nation, we can be declared victorious.

Until then, you will have to decide on whose side you are going to fight: Covid-19 or our undaunted heroes and sheroes?

* Published in print edition on 28 April 2020

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