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Ms Homma is a lady doctor who is married to a Mauritian, a medical specialist, whom she had met during her student days in the UK. She hails from either Iraq or Iran. But exactly where, I do not know. Going by appearance, she could easily pass for an Italian or Spanish.


After arrival in Mauritius in the mid-1970s, she joined the Ministry of Health as a RMO (Registered Medical Officer) and her husband started practising in private clinics. They used to speak exclusively in English to each other.



Dr Homma was initially posted at the Victoria Hospital. One day, she was asked by the Medical Superintendent to replace a colleague at the Black River Dispensary. After finishing her day duty there at 4 pm, she set off for home at Floreal. After driving a very short distance, she noticed her car zigzagging; alas, she had a flat tyre.


Poor Dr Homma had never ever replaced a flat tyre in her life. She was really in what one could call a “doctor’s dilemma.” Feeling dejected, she parked her car in a lay-by, opened the boot and got out the necessary tools. Looking around, she spotted three young Creoles by a shop, enjoying a bottle of beer each. She could hardly communicate in Creole. Fortunately, the youngsters immediately saw the predicament she was in and offered to help. And, in a few minutes only, they had replaced the flat tyre.


She was so grateful she offered them a Rs 25 note. But these kind Samaritans said they had voluntarily obliged; no way would they accept any money from the foreign lady. So, smiling and mimicking thanks, she said in her broken Creole, “Abein, Bondie pou blesse zotte!”*

* Well, may God harm you!


Dr B. Foogooa

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