Pretty UK Birds


In the fairly recent international Press, especially that in the UK, there seems to have been a series of articles decrying the fact that there are more “mixed marriages”, or the rate of this event happening is much higher in the UK than in most other places. GOOD SHOW!! i.e. pink blokes prefer brown birds, and perhaps vice versa!!, who does what you ask of her. Of course, I am presuming that you, yourself, are a semi-decent normal-type bloke!

These articles, if accurate, must stem from the utter, in fact indescribable, stupidity on the part of the author. Here, I am speaking as one borne in that simultaneously magnificent but also horrible country (weather-wise). Hence, I do know what I am talking about. ALSO, I have lived in this benighted country for nearly 40 years, so I again know what I am talking about, in actual practice.

If you walk down almost any Mauritian village or town (as a normal male, and not as a pouf, whom I detest) you will surely see at least 10 great beauties, each worthy as an aspirant to the Miss World title.

In addition, these birds are well house-trained and are actually supposed to OBEY their BETTER HALVES. And they (mostly or SOME) actually DO SO.

Go to UK (or Europe) and have a gander: Walk along any street for a similar distance, and what to do you see: A collection of ugly pink piglike females, all having great big gobs, and excessive bums, flapping away at vast speed, accompanied by enormous perambulators full of equally vocal shit machines.

So, who would any sane man in the UK seek to marry?? Not necessarily a Mauritian bird (some of whom can be very difficult) but one from India, or the Far East. That is, a very good looking, and performing, bird of lovely skin colour

End of Wisdom Epistle No. 1!!

* Published in print edition on 17 February 2012

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