Launching of Disabled People’s International (Mauritius)

Disabled People’s International (DPI), a cross disability movement established in 1981 to facilitate full and equal participation of Persons with Disabilities into mainstream society, organised an event, yesterday, to introduce itself to NGOs and stakeholders in the disability sector and to set out the objectives it wants to achieve together with all concerned parties.

Headquartered in Ottawa Canada, DPI is present in more than 140 countries spanning across seven regions: Africa, Arab, Asia-Pacific, Commonwealth of Independent states (CIS), Europe, Latin America, North America and the Caribbean.

During the last visit of Mr Javed Abidi to Mauritius, Chairperson of DPI, appointed Mrs Danielle Wong as Chairwoman of Disabled People’s International (Mauritius Branch) to represent and manage the affairs of Disabled People’s International in Mauritius with effect from 21 December 2014. Following this appointment an Ad Hoc Committee has been set up for DPI (Mauritius).

DPI’s goal is to bring all persons with disabilities into the mainstream of society through the promotion and protection of their human rights. Disabled People’s International representation in Mauritius is no different, as its objective is to push for the dissemination of United Nations Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) which encapsulates the gist of Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities and to ensure its implementation with the full participation of Persons with Disabilities.


* Published in print edition on 27 February  2015

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