Death Threat

The Editor of Mauritius Times has been threatened with death

From the Pages of History – MT 60 Years Ago

It appears that the policy of Mauritius Times has become an eye-sore to some anti-Labourites. The outspokenness of the paper is disturbing the cosy popularity of people who had come to believe that they were above and beyond criticism.

We have been doing our duty at the Mauritius Times with an open mind and an open breast. We are always ready to listen to the other party but we refuse to be cowed down by people who think that the use of threat and violence is a means of subduing a political opponent.

Our columns are open to our opponents who can express themselves decently. But if anyone thinks that abuses will serve any purpose, he is grossly mistaken. We expect to have opponents. But we expect our opponents to come in the open. If they cannot do as much, they had better keep away from politics.

The last number of Mauritius Times has roused the wrath of one of our readers so much that he has chosen to send us an anonymous letter in patois.

There may be others behind him. May we tell that simple-minded reader of ours that he is being misguided when he thinks that violence will further the cause he is cherishing.

We like to ascribe the anonymous threat to the tense atmosphere created by the stalemate at the Municipal Council and the by-election of Port Louis.

If non-Labourites lose their heads and get panicky, they will simply show that they have sensed their failure and their doom.

*  *  *

Prospects of Employment for Mauritians in UK

Our readers may recall the representations made by our London representative, Mr Peter Ibbotson, to obtain jobs for Mauritians in the London Transport and Post Office, where owing to the efforts of the governments of Jamaica and Barbados, thousands of coloured young men and women have been employed.

For various reasons, the efforts of Mr Peter Ibbotson were not successful. As it can be gathered from a letter addressed to him (printed below), the initiative should normally have come from the Mauritius Government itself.

In the light of what the Colonial Office says, can we hope that the Government of Mauritius will follow in the footsteps of the West Indies Governments in order to find jobs for the thousands of our unemployed young men in the UK?

Or should we have to wait until we get responsible government?

We are thankful to Mr Ibbotson for having set the ball rolling.


Colonial Office
Church House
Great Smith Street – SWI

20th March 1956



I am directed by Mr Secretary Lennox-Boyd to acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 5th March concerning the possibility of obtaining employment for Mauritians in this country and to say that it is doubtful whether the needs of the industries referred to are so exceptional as would lead them to welcome the arrangements which you have suggested.

The Government of Mauritius is, of course, well aware of the opportunities in the United Kingdom labour market which have already attracted a considerable number of immigrants from Colonial territories more conveniently situated to the United Kingdom. It has also under close consideration the Report of the Committee on Population which includes, inter alia, recommendation for the careful exploration of the possibilities of emigration to countries lying mainly in the tropical and tropical zones. In its examination of the possibilities the Government of Mauritius will no doubt pay due regard to the main factors involved, e.g. the limitation of its financial resources, the personal preference of potential emigrants and the absorptive capacity of the country concerned, etc., and will take whatever step it considers to be appropriate. Whilst Mauritians who may wish of their own accord to make their way to the United Kingdom to seek employment are at liberty to do so, the promotion of any emigration scheme must be at the initiative and on the responsibility of the Mauritius Government.

I am, Sir,
Your obedient servant
H. Hall


* Published in print edition on 1 December 2017

An Appeal

Dear Reader

65 years ago Mauritius Times was founded with a resolve to fight for justice and fairness and the advancement of the public good. It has never deviated from this principle no matter how daunting the challenges and how costly the price it has had to pay at different times of our history.

With print journalism struggling to keep afloat due to falling advertising revenues and the wide availability of free sources of information, it is crucially important for the Mauritius Times to survive and prosper. We can only continue doing it with the support of our readers.

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