About Cats: A More Kindly Article!


Recently, I must have been in a highly foul mood, for having written such a vicious article for MT, on criminality, for the delectation of the Editor, because I do feel what I wrote is genuine, and generally agreed to. Criminals need very strong punishment; it must hurt a lot. There is never really much achieved via “rehabilitation”.

Present life in clink is far too easy, it costs nothing to the occupant, and is comfortable. Shelter, food, entertainment, and medication, all just for the asking. It is also very easily, and even profitably, repeatable, after release!! Crime in prisons is well known to be rampant. 

However, maybe it’s a couple of tots of local Rum, a short kip, a big set of beloved cats, or whatever, I now feel more like writing a little about something which is exceedingly important to me: animals, especially mammals, and vitally, cats.

As I have implied before in various places, I consider the human species to be a vast disease, largely disposable, and rapidly disposing, all by itself, of the entire environment, but with a very few decent people around – if you can locate them. Such people love cats, not necessarily dogs, but cats. Dogs are a peculiar species, fondling and loving the feet of even those highly vicious bastards who kick, or do far worse to them. Treat those poor little loving souls badly, and they are silly enough to come back for more. So much do they “love” you?? Cats: no bloody way. Love them, they really love you, greatly; hurt them, and they can bite like Hell, or just leave you for good. There is no more sensible, and perhaps is no more successful a survivor, than a good healthy mog.

However, before continuing, I will repeat here what I have emphasised before: I am more than totally opposed to any and all forms of vivisection, although not belonging to any such society of similar views. Perhaps just nobody invited me?

This is just a temporary interval, having just woken up from a real crap DVD film, which in my newish DVD player seems to want to keep repeating itself. No problem, there’s always a very big hammer outside in the “lavior”. This is just to set the stage, although much is implied above, a little below perhaps, and the rest in whatever imagination you might possibly have.

Most people despise cats, endure dogs, despise people (ditto). And carry on their pointless lives as though nothing could possible be wrong. However stupid can they be??

If you love nothing, how can you hate anything? You can “love” your children, but then they turn adolescent, or old, and they find you a financial burden, and love is transformed into hate. For my own part, I was very sad to see my father die from disseminated prostate cancer, but delighted when the old Cow, having moaned and complained about various imaginary illnesses, finally sodded off at 95 !! Damn good riddance, (apart from a little mazuma therefrom !). We “pest Wests” live far too long !! But back to my real loves: CATS, above ALL.

* Published in print edition on 22 March 2012

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