Too Many Universities


I worked at the University of Mauritius, in Reduit, for many years. I was, all that while, conscious of the fact that its degrees were just about acceptable, but nowhere near the levels offered in almost any university in Britain. A UOM First Class Degree would resemble a 3rd class one in Britain. I know this because I have been in both situations, and am very familiar with UOM graduates. Now, however, tertiary institutions are proliferating madly all over this country. Often started up, and profited from, by people I shall not name.

“A graduate in every home” is the apparent aim, but this is useless. Such a plethora of universities will, without any doubt, soak up all competent teaching staff, with the result that their “degrees” will have to be of very poor quality.

And then, with so many “graduates” where will they find employment? Saturation will set in very quickly. So, we will have many thousands of slightly educated graduates, stuck at home (!!) with no job.

I think someone in the relevant Ministry should think again.

* * *

Very Horrible Children

I was just indulging my usual Saturday morning relaxation of looking through a couple of newspapers. They are, as usual, contain very little accurate news, are politically highly biased, but one article caught my attention, in particular. Just to be fair, and accurate, MT is NOT one such newspaper. That is why I buy it, and write in it now and then.

That article was all about NOT beating children. But I, being the beast I am, strongly favour beating the little brats, as soon as they are over 5 years old. A majority of children are, if allowed to be, horrible little sods. They commit evil when they think they can get away with it, expect no remonstrance, and generally get away with it all. Parents are, nowadays, far too soft. But, not in my youngest years! Just like adult criminals, who expect to be “allowed” to rob gold chains, and violently assault old ladies, and then get away with all this violence for free, physically. When, on the contrary, they should be chained up in public, and whipped until they bleed. Prison, for a long time, comes only later on.

I’ve said before that I am NOT nice. And, I’m clearly getting far worse daily! I am all in favour of being vicious to criminals.

Very naughty children need similar, but of course, far milder punishment.

I remember, that, when I was in Primary School, the baddest boy in the Class was punished by the Headmaster, a very large and corpulent man called Mr Henry Alec Jones, now unfortunately but inevitably deceased. Said boy was obliged to drop his trousers, bend over in front of the class, and then received six violent blows on his backside, from a 6 foot long stiff bamboo cane. That bad boy never dared to rescind. He kept his gob shut, did his schoolwork, and his previously vicious hands free of trouble. The moral is obvious: bash them hard enough, early enough, and they shut up, for good!

A vast amount of modern evil is directly caused by liberality, and temerity, hidden as “kindness”. What this is, is parental and institutional cowardice, plus, of course, plain dumb legality.

Long live the good old Welsh types: like Henry Alec Jones.

I was so impressed, I never dared, even slightly, to emulate the bad boy’s earlier behaviour. Nor did so as an adult.

So, bashing nasty little bastards is a very good idea. Similarly, bashing up the big violent sods, but much more violently, is an even a better idea.

* * *

Utter Shame

In general, I detest “so called” humanity. Despicable acts are committed daily, all over the World.

However, few are worse than the repeated rape of a 10 year old girl, by her own father, said rapes commencing even some years before her sadly, and terminally ill, mother died. Said mother clearly being unable to satisfy the carnal desires of her spouse. Could he not have purchased a tart?

What was the jail sentence? ONE SINGLE YEAR. Said to be “justified” by the magistrate. I do not denigrate the Judiciary in general, but was that sentence not completely derisory, and totally inadequate? One would have to be totally heartless to disagree.

I am totally appalled. Total castration, plus at least 20 years in prison, with known violent inmates, powerfully given to buggery, would have been more than fully justified; if not that, a public, and very slow, hanging, or even public burning, as in C16 and before then ? (If you twits understand C16).

Why have we gone totally soft in the head?? In the good old days, say 150 years ago, mere thieves, let alone rapists and murderers, and even starving children who had to steal to survive, were hanged slowly in public, in front of a greatly appreciative crowd (as I said, I love “humanity”) and to their
great pleasure. Is that not still a suitable punishment? Of course, the children should never have been thus condemned, or shown executions. Those are utterly inhumane.

To say any much more, and my mind cannot resist vomiting. “Humanity” has gone mad. Even stray dogs are dealt with very much more kindly, and I totally disagree with that activity, unless they are injured or visibly very ill. Hang the owners, if you like! But, the “softies” appear to have won.
Hopefully only for the time being!

Of course, in this article, I have clearly shown my own “humanity”

* Published in print edition on 16 March 2012

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