Dancing at Oshodham: A Life Changing Experience

Letter from New Delhi

On her maiden visit to Osho meditation campus near New Delhi, Asha Rajkumari recalls her profound encounter with herself

When the soul feels the music, all it wants to do is sing along and dance. But then this conditioned mind says, “Hey, no! Control, stay proper or you’ll be considered mad.”

What is proper, is it proper not to listen to your heart and let it live, live out as it wills? Life has a rhythm and should we not listen to the rhythm and dance if we feel like.

Maybe we are not listening to the rhythm of the heart, for we have given up living in the heart. We have lived by what may be acceptable to the society full of conditions so much that we have forgotten to listen to the heart.

And then wisdom of the timeless age says, “The heart knows best.”

Regretting the day, I did not go with the flow, not living out and hence feeling incomplete.

So, when the opportunity came up again for me to dance with the flow, I grabbed it and danced.

I remember the drive to Oshodham on Independence Day. Early morning at dawn, just as the sun was on the horizon. How apt! At the time of transcendence on a day we celebrate our Independence. And, with a beautiful soul whose name is Aekta, meaning “Oneness”.

Like Master Shifu in the movie Kung Fu Panda says, “There are no coincidences.”

As we were about to reach the ashram, the drive was so enveloped by nature, I felt as if she was giving us a welcome hug. Inside, the feeling of fresh grass under the feet, felt so connected.

The Buddha Hall, right next to a peaceful Zen walk, lined up with age old bamboos shared with us the right vibes.

The music was already playing in our hearts and soul, and the dance flowed.

How awesome it felt, as I whirled and whirled and then the whirl took over. I felt that I was just a witness to it. The world whirled and tears of bliss ran down my cheeks. My heart and soul happy, satisfied. And I did not stop, I let it flow. And as I flowed with the flow, time and speed ceased to exist.

My dance merged with THE dance, flowed and whirled away to glory. Surrendering myself I felt the earth and the sky become one. The sky that I have always looked up to, where I wanted to fly to now became one with the earth. Making me realize they are one.

O how many years I have yearned for the skies, when all the while I have been on it.

The Osho meditation techniques that I experienced in just a day made me really live what all I have heard or read. I believe there is a real science and method behind the techniques. 

Life changing experience it was. 

Now I feel there is no heaven and no earth. Or heaven is on earth. And once that feeling is lived and realized, I do not have a destination to reach. I am already there, all I need to do is live. Enjoy every bit of it and celebrate.

Life is a dance, dance to connect with it. To become ONE.


* Published in print edition on 21 September 2018

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