The Mayan Prophecy

By Anitah Aujayeb

As the world waited to see if the Mayan prophecy was going to really take place on the 21 Dec 2012, as expected it did not happen. Would it take place suddenly as in Bollywood or Hollywood movies? Would the world turn upside down, annihilating all forms of living and non-living entities?

Would the end come in a form of sudden deep hole in the earth, swallowing all on earth? Would a huge wave engulf all countries at a go, like a huge cleaning process? All theses questions put by millions of frightened or sick people had no answers.

It is incredible that in a world where education is supposed to be at its peak, where intelligence and intellect compete with even their own Creator, people still cannot acknowledge the fact that the end has started since long and that it is always gradual and not sudden.

According to the Biblical story of Noah and his immense ark, rains fell incessantly during forty long days, which means quite a long time. This time it is not about about rains only, nor about forty days; it is a gradual decadence, the road is longer and the catastrophes mightier.

The gradual cleansing process is visible when a war rages around and thousands of people die for no reason of their own, when planes crash, when forest fires destroy what Nature itself had created, when cruisers sink, when storms sweep, when earthquakes engulf, and when tsunamis attack with roaring waters.

Yet people still believe that they are invincible. They themselves destroy those whom Nature has spared; they destroy their own fellow beings by their greed and lust, by being ego-inflated maniacs. Man flounders in hatred and ignorance, is burdened by animal instincts, relishes aggressivity which is not a human characteristic. Man adores the invisible God but harms the visible man standing in front of him. He wants to escape sorrow but makes everyone in his environment sad. He exhibits his cruelty at each point of life and still says that doomsday is far.

The Mayan prediction came with a lesson for mankind: Time is an invaluable gift which has to be treated with reverence . People measure time based on sunrise and sunset. But that is only similar to the illusion which makes us feel that the moon is moving when we see passing clouds.

There is still time to change, there is still time to be good,. Mahatma Gandhi said: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’

On the occasion of the New Year when millions of good wishes have been exchanged all around the world, let’s start wishing people to be better human beings. May you be a better person this year, do not make people cry for your own pleasure, do not fill the place, let others have some space as well…

* Published in print edition on 12 January 2013

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