Teachers’ Day

By Anitah Aujayed

Never was the need greater than today to talk about teachers, to remind each and every one of the glorious heritage left behind by each and every educator, instructor, teacher, whatever be the appellation.In the simplest of words, let’s say they are those who give their all for the welfare of students and in the service of the country. They are always aware that Education is enriched in the process of sharing and the more you give, the more you receive.The need for this article is not to justify anything as our glorious identity is already there. Figures and facts speak for themselves: without the hard work of teachers, the country would not have achieved all it has. In fact, without teachers’ inputs, the country’s very future would have been at serious stake. People all around the world have always (save for a few frustrated ones) commended and felt grateful for ever to their teachers, for the marvellous work the teachers have done to fashion their minds for the better.And, since the dawn of civilization, true teachers, also called Gurus, have never manifested the pathetic thirst for power and acclamation. The blessings they scatter around through sincere commitment to their duty come back to them automatically.Ask any mother or father whose son or daughter has been a success, a laureate or has reached heights, they will surely have a good thought for those teachers who have always been behind the achievements of their wards. The exercise done, the mission accomplished, teachers become the silent spectators as their students climb the rungs of the ladder.Yet, some people dare to say and write so many ungrateful words about teachers, when small problems crop up. Their pathetic sermons to us teachers, who have since years given out all manner of pastoral care, academic feeding, mental uplift as well as spiritual and moral awareness, as if we were to blame when things go wrong, are of no avail. The majority of parents are aware of the undeniable fact that we teachers have a more important grip on their children than they themselves where they have little time to devote to their wards.On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, let’s pray that the factions created by any increase in our salary (as if a teacher’s job can be measured by money alone) or about the number of days we are supposedly on holidays, will decrease. Let’s hope that those who still revel in the game of politics on all sorts of issues come to respect the time-revered teacher/learner relationship. On this great day, let us be free to fulfill our mission. Do whatever job you are doing, but please let us do ours with sincerity and a deep sense of mission. Live and let live, life will smile at you as well and so will your children’s future, thanks to TEACHERS.

Educator (Secondary Level)

* Published in print edition on 5 October 2012

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