The Commitment of Raj Heeramun

By Anitah Aujaheb

A year back, at the municipality of Quatre Bornes, well-known author Raj Heeramun came up with the launch of five books at one go, and an article appeared in this same paper here giving him the title of “A Record Breaker”

This time, the poet/singer/author/journalist, strikes again with three books which were launched at the MGI on Saturday last, with the collaboration of his younger daughter who turned writer at the young age of twenty one.

The audience at the Subramania Bharati Hall of the MGI stood in admiration and applauded Miss Heeramun (currently studying in London), as she read a poignant poem of her father’s with such a professional confidence, accent and tone. Her mastery over the language used was obvious.

I have used the word commitment in the title of this article to emphasise this aspect of life, which the author repeatedly tried to enthuse in each and everyone present there. Everyone agreed with this trait of authors, that the latter are committed persons who feel a great sense of belonging with the subject and the language they write in.

Vice-Prime Minister Mr Anil Baichoo, who honoured the gallery by his presence, read a poem of Mr Heeramun in which the poet says that “India is his life, his soul, his breath, his life’s reason” and wondered how many Indians could write such lines imbued with so much of emotions and patriotic feelings. An Indian guest in the hall confirmed that very few genuine Indian-born people write such forceful words for the motherland.

We can here but congratulate the author for his great devotion to the land and the language of the forefathers, and the Vice-Prime Minister for reading this beautiful poem.

The commitment shown by Raj Heeramun, to bring about maximum contribution to the world of literature needs a standing ovation. Life has not been smooth for this author yet he has been able to go through obstacles and hurdles with great tenacity.

* Published in print edition on 13 July 2012

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