The beautiful drop shall nurture her

As I sit by the window, trying to unmask Mother Earth’s games, everything I see is paradisiacal. Zillions of shimmering transparent droplets falling from heaven, showering the parched ground with love.

The cold breeze bringing serenity to the atmosphere, the lashing rain striking the roof brutally. I am drawn by that one drop of rain, posing firm yet so alluringly on one of the colourful petals. He is rejoicing for he feels strong enough to stand all by himself. Knowing that his journey is ephemeral, perhaps for just a few seconds more, he promises his carrier to make her proud. Watching her Humnawa shinning like a tiny yet precious diamond, the petal does not fear the blowing wind anymore. She is all smiles despite the threatening odds. Time for her gem to bid her farewell. Gliding slowly over her, her friend finally embraces the earth, making his way deeper into the ground to nurture her heart, the only place she asked him to ever reside.


Note: Humnawa is somebody having the same thinking as you.


  • Published in print edition on 14 August 2015

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