Angkush Poonye launches poetry book ‘The Aapravasi’s Legacy’

‘The Aapravasi’s Legacy’

‘The Aapravasi’s Legacy’ by 24-year-old Angkush Poonye was launched last Saturday at the Telugu Saamskrutika Nilayam, Beau Bassin. Produced thanks to the support of the National Arts Fund, the poetry book is a tribute to the hard work of our Indian ancestors.

Writing the book has proved to be more difficult than what he had thought, says Angkush. “Commending their hard work through poetry started out of passion, but as I took a deep dive into the complexities of that era, the book became more of a responsibility to be fulfilled.”

Angkush’s initiative to celebrate our ancestors through poetry will hopefully inspire more of the younger generation to take an interest into our past and to undertake academic research into various aspects of the Aapravasi story.

Angkush Poonye did well at John Kennedy College, obtaining an overall aggregate of 8 units at the Cambridge School Certificate, and ranked among the top 500 at HSC. He went on to join Curtin Mauritius to obtain his Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Finance. He is now working as a financial assistant in the private sector.

For more details about availability of the poetry book, contact – Mob 57787127.

* Published in print edition on 24 January 2020

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