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Readers will recall that the Mauritius Times shifted from its print edition to the digital platform since March 2020 with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. We believed that two editions per week could be sustainably maintained, offering our readership a diverse and valuable palette of views and opinions. To make those Tuesday and Friday editions available to our readers, we have had recourse to such IT tools as WhatsApp and email; we have also made them available for free download on our website (mauritiuistimes.com). We are happy that the Mauritius Times is now, thanks to technology, reaching thousands more readers, both locally and abroad, especially amongst the diaspora, than ever before.

The response of our readers has been broadly positive – the only reservation being that two editions every week were stretching their ability to ingest the material, given the unique character of the paper in the Mauritian media landscape. We know from the response of our readers that it usually takes more than a day to read, reflect and digest the Mauritius Times’ take on local and international issues, and many of them have conveyed their regret of missing out on one of the two editions for lack of time and suggested that we shift back to the one only Friday edition for their weekend reading.

With the benefit of experience acquired with the double issue, it is undoubtedly clear that such a re-orientation would also enable us to better focus and coordinate our energies, inputs and contributions towards what we hope will provide a more rewarding experience to our readers.

We are therefore proposing to go forward with a single consolidated edition of the paper, to come out, as in the past, on Fridays as from next week. We trust that we will continue to have our faithful readers’ support which is vital in maintaining the mauritius Times afloat on more steady grounds as a media enterprise. We will be, as usual, looking forward to your views and any constructive suggestions as the weekly digital issue starts to clock in during the early part of 2022.

* Published in print edition on 10 December 2021

An Appeal

Dear Reader

65 years ago Mauritius Times was founded with a resolve to fight for justice and fairness and the advancement of the public good. It has never deviated from this principle no matter how daunting the challenges and how costly the price it has had to pay at different times of our history.

With print journalism struggling to keep afloat due to falling advertising revenues and the wide availability of free sources of information, it is crucially important for the Mauritius Times to survive and prosper. We can only continue doing it with the support of our readers.

The best way you can support our efforts is to take a subscription or by making a recurring donation through a Standing Order to our non-profit Foundation.
Thank you.

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