Our moment of reckoning?

In terms of what a brand may aspire to exude and what it actually delivers, can a government get any further from the mark than the current one? What should worry any citizen with enough hindsight is: the sombre lapses merely reflect broader pathologies that successive previous governments have been spawning crescendo for decades. The only difference now is the gap is overwhelming. Surreally so. How high can tolerance to rogue governance reach before “outraged” so-called representatives of citizens decide to react should not reassure us anymore.

I remember how in the run-up to the 2014 elections I implored* voters to actively participate in reversing the democratic farce by making sure a few “small” Voices enter our Parliament to express dissent and transmit our discontent. Even if they have yet to demonstrate that they have what it takes to offer a credible alternative as a government, at least they can constitute an Opposition that can contribute to inhibit cynicism and disdain while ruining the omerta entertained jointly by dominant politicians, businesses and media.

Our mainstream parties have partied enough. Delusion and deception don’t run forever anyway. In this era, “there is more than meets the eye” is an enduring experience. Our society is badly wounded and living a life of pets and pawns is not sustainable. Is it?

* http://mauritiustimes.com/news/3195-sitwayin-x-

Sitwayin X

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