Family Search for Brush-Creed

I am trying to find information regarding my Mauritian ancestors and was wondering if any of your readers might be descendants of either family name and possess any pertinent facts.

If so, could they contact me via my email address?

My grandmother was one of six sisters. She was born Jessie Blanche Brush on 12th March 1887. Her parents were Charles Edward Brush, born about 1853 on Mauritius, who was a government official, with the railways, and Louisa Creed, born about 1852 in England. Charles and Louisa were married on 21 February 1880.

The excellent Mauritius genealogy site does list the births of my grandmother’s sisters together with births, marriages and deaths of other Brush and Creed individuals.

I suspect that Louisa’s parents were Thomas and Sarah Creed, who allegedly died of cholera. There is a Sarah Creed listed as being buried on Flat Island, which I know to have been a quarantine station for only cholera. It appears, unfortunately, that her date of burial was indecipherable. Also a T. Creed listed as the lighthouse keeper on Flat Island in 1855.

Thanking you in anticipation.

F.T. Sedgwick

Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom



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