“Don’t just repeat the past; reinvent the future

Interview: Dharam Gokhool

21st century Mauritius does not need ethnic leaders — moderate or otherwise. We need leaders who can transcend the barriers of ethnicity”

‘Political dynasties are discriminatory, antidemocratic and a form of social and political evil, the manifestation of a crude form of Nepotism’

 “The MMM has not been able to create conditions for the emergence of a leader other than Paul Bérenger. Under these circumstances, how can one prevent public opinion from drawing the conclusion that the functioning of MMM is more autocratic than democratic? As for the dynastic connotation that may now be tagged to the MMM, which has been quite virulent, in the past, especially in its “Papa Piti” diatribe against the MSM, I can foresee a robust MSM “Papa Tifi” diatribe against MMM…”

 “I am reminded here of the priceless observation of Pope Francis during his recent visit to our island – create space and opportunities for our youth, for our future generation. True it is that one should not expect political leaders like Navin Ramgoolam and Paul Bérenger to abruptly relinquish their responsibilities, but it is reasonable to expect them to initiate some form of succession planning for the future…”

“Pravind Jugnauth faces an uphill task. In spite of some popular measure, like increase in old-age pensions, and the realisation of some prestigious projects like Metro Express, the feel-good factor is not yet au rendez-vous. As far as the leadership issue, it is generally acknowledged that effective leadership is the chemistry between competence… and charisma. Will “money politics” come to the rescue of Pravind Jugnauth?”


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* Published in print edition on 13 September 2019

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