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An Unending Mess

Three police officers call at the residence of a senior adviser of the Minister of Finance early in the morning. This action is apparently prompted after the Minister of Good Governance made a statement to police many days earlier to the effect that the senior adviser would have wrongfully acted to sabotage the Heritage City project. The scene is played out during the absence of the Minister of Finance from the country.

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Interview – Yvan Martial, Journaliste & Historien

‘Notre pays ne sait plus où il va, quelle direction il doit prendre et pour quelle raison. Nous nous contentons de changer de capitaine, lustre après lustre’

* ‘Je parie pour une alliance MSM-PTr ou l’inverse…

…diverses options sont envisageables : partage de pouvoir à l’israélienne, Ramgoolam président et Pravind Premier ministre ou l’inverse’

* ‘Ramgoolam ne peut que monter et Jugnauth descendre. Les ministres Lépep sont les meilleurs agents électoraux de Navin’

Anil Gujadhur PDF Print E-mail

Can we avert a move towards an inextricable situation?

It is not the politicians from the different parties who seem to have lost the way now. It is the voters themselves

-- Anil Gujadhur

When things don’t work out well for us with our long standing economic partners, we are advised to engage more closely with the nearby African continent. This is believed to be more sustainable economically due to our proximity and assumed keener knowledge of the political and economic environment which obtains in Africa. It is considered that such a change in the direction of our trade will compensate us enough for lost market shares in goods and services elsewhere. The argument is appealing. But let us consider what we actually have on our hands.

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Such loving, caring children!

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee

The practice of medicine is like a social barometer, giving one not only inklings but also insights into the whole spectrum of human behaviours. Just as we diagnose disease from symptoms (what the patient complains of) and signs (what the doctor finds on examination of the patient), similarly there are telltale signs in individual narratives that give us clues to the state of society. Unlike other professions which gain a narrower perspective, for example law which sees the seamier sides of humanity dealing as it does with disputes, conflicts and crimes; or teaching which addresses a specific target audience viz. students, medicine allows one to span all occupations and age-groups from (before too!) birth through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age until the very last moments of life.

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Politics, Morality and Leadership

The worst case scenario for a Pravind Jugnauth prime ministership would be a rejuvenated opposition in the form of a New Labour or MMM configuration, with the present leaders at best in a new role as mentors?

Rajiv Servansingh

Everyone is entitled to his own views and the right to comment critically on the views expressed by political analysts in the press. Healthy debates opposing contradictory viewpoints are one of the essential elements of democracy. Neither should one be offended by criticism as long as it is done without malicious intention.

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