Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge 

The Lord of Nectar 

For knowledge to be more than just stored information, we need to use it for change. Without change there is no benefit. There are three degrees of change: one is simple change itself; another is the development and progress of the soul; and the deepest and most dramatic is transformation, complete metamorphosis. Change can be effected through positive thoughts which help us create positive attitudes. A change towards the positive helps us to live life fully. We become better people. Any individual who truly decides to can change something within.  

We all have enough inner strength to choose at least some ways of living that are more beneficial to us. The only real barrier is that the level of our effort is not deep enough to effect a lasting change. What is comfortable and convenient tends to take precedence over what is necessary. For the soul to progress in spiritual terms, it needs change that is so deep that spiritual power is required for its permanent achievement.  

There are deeply embedded habits and patterns that cannot be changed just through being positive or having understanding. Deeper processes are required. For this we must learn to use our own soul energy, together with the divine energy of God. With this double strength we are able to change old negative patterns completely. This kind of change can be permanent.  

Empowered, we are able to cope successfully with external difficulties. Inwardly, there is stability and strength, so the seeds of negativity cannot take root again. The transformed person is able to sense the shadow of negativity before it takes hold and stop it before it deludes the soul and causes damage. The next stage is metamorphosis. Change can make one a better person and the right kind of progress makes one more spiritual, but metamorphosis actually makes the soul divine.  

Metamorphosis is the process of absolute and complete transformation – so much so that the human being is no longer recognised to be human. A total renaissance of the intellect occurs and, through this, there is complete restructuring of spirit. Many have called this renaissance of the intellect ‘the opening of the third eye’. It is understood to be a superhuman leap in consciousness. The deeper one moves into the self, the higher the leap. To understand the process of metamorphosis, we can look at the example of the ugly, heavy, earth-bound caterpillar, with its many legs, crawling everywhere, constantly eating. In time, it spins its home and in that cocoon silently hides itself away from the eyes of the world as Nature does her incognito work. In silence metamorphosis takes place.  

Then one day a totally new creature emerges from the cocoon. No longer earth-bound, its legs have disappeared. Now, wings brightly painted, it sails through the sky, stopping from time to time to sip nectar from the flowers. The wonder of this metamorphosis is a miracle we have come to accept as ordinary. A human being deeply touched by God’s love makes the journey deep into introspective silence. In that silence the soul remembers God and, in that remembrance, weaves the cocoon of human metamorphosis. The One who is pure Truth nourishes the human soul with love, as it transforms. 

In India God is given the name Somnath, the Lord of Nectar. The nectar that makes the soul immortal is this Truth. In Greece, the gods of ancient myth are remembered as living only on ambrosia, the sacred nectar which kept them immortal. Many stories and myths are symbols of deeper truths. The gods symbolize the soul of human beings — by nature, immortal. The life of the soul can only be sustained by the non-physical, that is by the subtle energy of truth. The human soul cannot be sustained by physical external things such as money, position, fame. These things, though plentiful, starve the soul. To return to its immortal identity, what we call self-realization, the soul requires subtle, nonphysical food as well as relationship with the non-physical being, the Lord of Nectar.  

To commit one’s self to spiritual perfection we need to return to our original consciousness of being a soul, an immortal spiritual being. Only God can teach and guide us in our return to spiritual essence. The ambrosia of Truth enters our intellects, putting a brake on our habit of creating the wasteful and the negative. With accurate understanding and consistent practice, truth becomes wisdom. Without practice there cannot be transformation. In reflective silence, and with our companion, the Supreme Teacher, we are given the courage and patience for total change. Every day, especially in the early morning before human minds awake and the traffic of their thoughts and words congest the atmosphere, the spiritual effort-maker awakes to greet the Lord of Nectar. In that pure stillness, just before dawn, the soul is filled with the sacred energy so necessary for the spiritual journey. 

It is the time to absorb deep into the self the ambrosia of the Divine for at that time God’s loving vision is especially strength and clarity. The one who remains the loyal companion of the Teacher experiences the most miraculous transformation of all. Eventually the human soul emerges from the cocoon of silence, more than human, a being of light, with a body of subtle energy. The soul can fly with the power of thought. It can fly anywhere as the messenger of God. This is the angel. Through God impossible things become possible. This type of transformation requires a total focus on the eternally True One, a focus practiced each day of our lives. There is a phrase for this process of focused, unwavering thought. Manmanabhav means ‘Remember only Me’ or ‘Be Mine with your mind’. When we remain intent on achieving spiritual realisation, our hearts and our minds constantly with God, the relationship deepens and it becomes natural to be distracted no longer. We are all given the same opportunity by the Supreme Teacher, but it is our responsibility to make the choices that will determine our level of achievement.  

(Extracts from: ‘The Alpha Point : A Glimpse of GOD’ by Anthony Strano, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Athens, Greece) 

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