The Tree of Knowlege


The Tree of Knowlege

Unique Creation by the Great Designer

— Rabindranath Das

Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the universe, a spirit vastly superior to that of man.
Albert Einstein

When we see the wonderful peacock’s dance, inviting a shower of rain, a magnificent rainbow up in the azure blue sky in the afternoon, an ugly caterpillar coming out of its cocoon as a beautiful butterfly, a tiny fertilized ovum turning in 280 days into a miniature Einstein, a millimeter size seed of Sequoia giving birth to a huge tree taller than 320 feet, broader than 36 feet and with a life span greater than 3000 years, we are held spellbound and speechless.

When we see the vastness of this incredibly and orderly, harmonious and systematic Universe, we are struck with awe. Amazing! The great creation! Who is the creator? Who is the designer of such intricate and complex machinery? I see in it the key to the deepest secret of Nature and it reveals to me the greatness of the Creation and the Creator. We are medical scientists. Let’s look at our own body first and the environment we are living in next.

The Body Machine: Some Facts and Figures

1. Human body is composed of 100,000,000,000 (100 trillion=1011) cells.

2. Each cell is made up of 90,000,000,000 (90 trillion) atoms [1 trillion=109].

3. Each cell contains 1000, 000,000,000 (1000 trillion) bytes of data.

4. Scientists proclaim that 1000 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica will be insufficient to accommodate the entire data inscribed in a single cell’s DNA.

5. In our body, 3×108 [300 million] cells die in a minute.

6. In the stomach, 35×106 digestive glands are working nonstop day and night.

7. The liver weighs less than 1500 gm but performs more than 500 different types of complex metabolic functions, helped by a thousand self-made different types of enzymes.

8. The pituitary gland is a pea-sized gland less than a gram in weight but it performs very important functions in our beautiful body from the time of its genesis in the mother’s womb until our last breath.

9. Do you want to replace your damaged liver owing to over-indulgence of alcohol? Liver transplant? Be prepared to shell from Indian Rs.5-10 million. Kidney transplant? Only INR 200,000. Knee joint replacement – INR100, 000.

10. Our two kidneys contain 2 million tubules, having a length of 60 km, which purify 500 gallons of impure blood daily.

11. We have 206 bones in our body and only 52 bones in both the hands. And those very hands produced ‘Macbeth’ and E=mc2. How many can be killed by two hands with an AK47? How many millions can be annihilated by just pressing a button of the 21st century man-made latest atom bomb with the tip your index finger?

12. Do you know in our bone marrow, 2-3 million red blood cells are produced in each second?

13. In our brain, the volume of the Circadian Clock is only 0.3 cu mm, but it performs better than the latest Quartz clock of NASA laboratory: it’s called the “Time Machine” of the brain. It is that very circadian rhythm that determines the childbirth of 280 days, menstrual cycle of 30 days and gastric emptying time of 3 and 1/2 hours for the human being.

14. Human brain is composed of 100 billion neurons. The total length of the myelinated nerve fibers is approximately 150,000 to 180,000 km. The brain has more than 4 terabytes of memory power, 100 trillion synapses and 3×1010 working sections in its different parts. Neuroscientists claim that the vast network of the total 1011neurones produce daily electricity which is stronger than a 120-volt-battery.This electricity keeps the heart pumping, kidneys purifying blood, lungs inhaling oxygen and every single cell of the entire body is kept alive!!

15. Human brain is the fastest supercomputer and weighs only 1400 gm and measures 67x140x73mm whereas a man made PC (personal computer) or laptop of 300x250x40mm weighs 3500gm. In 1905,Einstein worked out his epoch-making equation E=mc2, general theory of relativity, special theory of relativity and unified field theory (gravitational and electromagnetic force) which led to the discovery of quantum mechanics by Max Planck. These were only a few worth mentioning among his vast achievements.

16. Do you know that our brain is more active when we sleep than when we watch TV? In 1997, Russian grand master Kasparov defeated the million dollar supercomputer “Deep Blue” in chess matches. Who is superior? Man or machine? In 1999, one experimental supercomputer was made with the fastest microprocessor chips [700MHz Pentium] capable of transmitting only 4200MIPS [million instructions per second] whereas human brain has 100 million MIPS. Amazingly speedy, isn’t it?

Now the trillion dollar question, who is the creator of this unique brain and body machine? Charles Dickens once wrote about this amazing and unique machine: “The mysteries of this machine, called man, oh, the little that unhinges it, poor creatures that we are!”

Sir Isaac Newton, the founding father of modern science, went on to discover the well known ‘Law of Gravitational Force’ after watching an apple falling from a tree.

Yes, the Law of Gravitational Force was that famous formula which stated that every material thing from a tiny apple to a huge galaxy, solar and planetary system in this universe was governed by this principle only? Newton himself admitted unflinchingly, “God created everything by number, weight and measure.” Now the simple question is: who had designed that tiny apple? Who had created Newton and Einstein?

Is it possible to clone one Albert Einstein as ‘Dolly, the sheep’ was manufactured in 1996 in a man-made machine, at Rosalin Institute, Edinburgh, by somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) technique?

Medical scientists are doing stem cell research to make man immortal but in reality, the cloned sheep had survived just half of its normal life span. We must remember that the test tube baby requires a surrogate mother’s womb too for its full growth after the fertilized ovum is implanted in it.

This body is a wonderful and unique machine and with the right bit of tinkering, can be fixed accordingly. That is the theory anyway. The reality is, of course, rather different. Doctors might sometimes like to think otherwise, that they don’t know it at all! The medical model is not infallible. In fact, the more you understand the body, the more you realize that we don’t really know very much about it.

I am tempted to quote the modern day epoch-making astrophysicist and mathematician at Cambridge University, Stephen Hawking, who said, “Then we shall be able to take part in the discussion of why it is that we and the Universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason, for then we would know the Mind of God.”

Modern-day scientists are enunciating a new paradigm which will unravel the mysteries of this Universe and the secrets of vibrating life in it. They are claiming a novel paradigm regarding the mysteries of the evolution of life and living creatures, beyond the limited precincts of ultramodern physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry. How a supreme designer with his willful meticulous plan created each and every object, living and non-living with myriads of diversity and difference, manifesting the conscious and the material world, was expressed not only by classic scientists like Newton to Einstein but also by great thinker-philosophers such as the American Henry David Thoreau to the Britisher TH Huxley.

The synthesis of science and spirituality will one day spring forth a new paradigm which will be able to explain the unexplored mysteries of an extremely orderly, systematic, dynamic and harmonious Universe and all its animate and inanimate objects. I see in it the key to the deepest secret of Nature and it reveals to me the greatness of the Creation and the Creator.

In conclusion, I would like to again quote Einstein, “I try to comprehend an infinitesimal part of intelligence manifest in nature.” Yes! He tried but could not win over space, time and motion although he was the all-time greatest researcher on Space-Time-Motion.

Rabindranath Das

MD (PGI), FRCP (Lond, Edin, Glas)

Professor, Department of Medicine

SSR Medical College, Belle Rive

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