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Thank you Tejshree

Compared to the weekly pontification we are bombarded with by self-proclaimed savants about who is going to sleep in whose political bed (yawn, yawn) next month, next year, in five years’ time, last Friday’s (17-Aug-2018) interview with Tejshree Auckle was nothing short of a refreshing masterstroke. Anyone who can make the futile attempt to make Hindi a world force to be reckoned with such an interesting read is worth hearing from again! Unlike the geniuses who only have their “considered opinions,” this young lady supports every one of her assertions with empirical evidence — the hallmark of intellectual honesty.

Please do not get me wrong. I love Hindi for its poetic beauty, but that’s as far as it goes. In a land where it is considered a proud privilege (for social and economic advancement) to gain a seat at English schools like St Xavier at huge costs and where hundred millions of indigenous peoples refuse to adopt Hindi, it is just a grand delusion to think that it can be up there with the likes of English, French or Spanish languages. I bet not even the Chinese, with only 70pc speaking the national language Mandarin, can aspire to such lofty heights!

As the young Tejshree suggests, the language of ex-colonisers is too strongly anchored in the ex-colonies. And in my humble view, it may even act as the one positive unifying force that no local language can. With the vast British empire as background, it is little wonder then that English has become the universal Language, whose penetration is being further reinforced with the arrival of the Internet.




Response to a media query

In response to a query from the local media, the Spokesperson of the High Commission of India said that any statement that the Government of India is willing to disclose bilateral agreements between India and Mauritius in areas including bilateral assistance projects and commercial cooperation, whereas the Government of Mauritius is not willing to do so, is entirely incorrect.

High Commission of India
Port Louis
22 August 2018

My vision of the future

For many years, science fiction writers have challenged readers with visions of the future and future society. These authors offered an insight into what they expected man, society, and life to be like at some future time. One could divide their visions of future into two main streams: an apocalyptical one, with the degradation and demoralization of our society; and a utopian world, where our civilization turns into a highly conscious and developed one, and people live in perfect harmony.
Today one can state that we live in a highly developed society, where science can be encountered everywhere. In the past two centuries, our world has drastically changed with the development of nuclear physics and chemistry. Major countries possess weaponry that can completely annihilate Earth multiple times (if that were possible). No wonder that while living on the verge of such technological progress it makes people wonder what is going to happen in the future. Though apocalyptical theories have a certain background, I do not think that they actually have a chance to materialize.

 If one would carefully analyze everything that has happened to humanity over the past 30 centuries he would see that so many mistakes were made by our leaders because of power-greed blinded eyes, and so many people were mistreated and suffered because of someone’s sick will. Otherwise we would probably live in one of those utopian societies. However, I think that those things were only natural in the course of human development – just as everyone makes mistakes in life and learns from them, it would be the same but on a bigger scale. It is naturally programmed in a human being to try to get more than he is able, even if it causes mistreatment of others. If all those things did not happen, we would not completely understand the importance of golden rule in the world or the importance of treating other people as we would like to be treated ourselves.



Positivity! Positivity!
Always Positivity Galore!

Positivity Is A Prerequisite
Have Faith in Yourself
Be Optimistic
Believe in Yourself
Be Positive-Minded!

Positivity Is A Quality
It is a state of mind
Chase negative ideas
Delete negativity
Forward Positivity!

Positivity Is A Gift
Cultivate Optimism
Eliminate Stress
Be Stress free
Be Tension Free!

Positivity Is a Blessing
Inhale Positive Energy
Exhale Negative Ideas
Breathe Wellness
Identify Negative Ideas
Imagine A Peaceful Place!

Positivity! Positivity!
Always Positivity Galore!


Luxhmee Jaypaul


* Published in print edition on 24 August 2018

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