A Homage To Women

The United Nations proclaimed the 8th March as the UN Day for Women’s Rights and World Peace.

This decision emphasises the concept that there can be no world peace without the participation of women.

In many countries, this day is observed as a public holiday to celebrate the valuable contribution of women in making the world a better place for humanity. It offers an occasion for men to express their love, respect and gratitude towards ladies of the world. President Obama declared that this U.N. initiative marks “the extraordinary accomplishments of women in shaping their country’s future.”

Boy or girl? This is a tricky question which close persons ask in an affectionate way to an expectant mother. If the older generation shows preference for the sex of the baby, modern couples prefer to adopt a more pragmatic attitude and leave it to nature to make its choice.

Genetic research has demonstrated that sex is determined by a pair of chromosomes which carries the sexual characteristics of a person. Factors which influence this subtle biological event are still a mystery of nature. Spiritual masters, however, argue that sex determination is divine and predestined.

The Bible writes that God created the first man and offered him paradise on earth. Quite unfortunately he did not bless Adam with the spiritual power to overcome solitude. He corrected this oversight by creating a female companion from one of Adam’s ribs. Ever since, men and women have been inseparable partners. They have shared the same fortunes and misfortunes and have lived happily by creating families and by sharing daily activities.

Mythological and scriptural narratives have glorified women as divine beings. A host of deities and saints have been created in the likeness of women.

One of the most important biological functions of the woman is to bear children, thereby assuring the survival of the human species. Mothers have opened the gates of life to all of us.

‘Mother’ is the magic word which is on the lips of all children and which revives our childhood memories. Adults always remember her with nostalgia. She is the person who incarnates love and virtue, and commands our respect. She manages the household chores skillfully, has the ability to solve complex domestic problems and shows great tact in dealing with different members of the family by establishing codes of conduct to suit all members.

She instills in us the sense of responsibility and teaches us unforgettable lessons of life. She uses instinctive secrets for soothing pain by expressing a few comforting words or by giving a tender caress.

A special tribute should be paid to all women who worked relentlessly during colonial days in the sugarcane fields under difficult conditions and who have contributed enormously towards the social and economic development of the country.

Evolution has slowly brought transformation to the social status of women. Education has been a key factor in their emancipation. Their destiny which started with the running of the household has been shaped to face the challenges of a fast-changing society. Notwithstanding their apparent physical frailness they perform their duties with charm, intelligence and determination.

Many stories have been written about valiant women considered as heroines who did not hesitate to take up arms to repel invaders.

The contribution of women in the fight against racial discrimination and for civil rights is legendary. Many women have been rewarded with a Nobel Prize in the field of science, literature or social work. They have enormously contributed to make sporting events more attractive and have supported man in the struggle for peace. They have created bonds of friendship between people and have contributed to make the world a pleasant and peaceful planet.

Woman, you are the loving wife, soothing mother and caring daughter. You are nature’s gift to mankind.



* Published in print edition on 27 March  2015

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