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Professor Jugessur honoured as an individual ‘Driver of Change’

Professor Soodursun Jugessur was honoured as an individual ‘Driver of Change’, for his work in Mauritius and at the international level within the United Nations.

He was given a recognition at an award ceremony and a gala dinner organized by the Mail & Guardian and the Southern Africa Trust, on 3 November 2011 in Johanesburg Sandton Convention Center.


The award is to honour innovations in social enterprise by organizations and individuals on the theme ‘Investing in the Future, and Drivers of Change’. As Neville Gabriel of the Southern Africa Trust puts it, these projects and individuals are ‘leading the change they want to see, rather than reacting to new conditions in which they happen to find themselves. They show us the results that can be achieved through visionary and inclusive approaches.’

Professor Jugessur was recognized for his work in the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa where he convinced policy makers to give priority to the application of available Science and Technology to solve the immediate problems of meeting basic needs, rather than on pure research and high level training alone, an approach that was leading to brain drain in the continent. His present leadership within the Sukhi Parivaar movement that is militating for mindset change within families so as to ensure peace, harmony and solidarity within the society, was also recognized.

By leading the change, they give hope for the future, says Fiona Mcleod of the Mail & Guardian of South Africa, in a special supplement of the paper.

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