No to Japan fishing

Political Caricatures

Everything is confidential in this country, for your own interest (you need not know) and for the greater interest of the nation. The latest is the agreement with Japan for the “development of our fisheries sector” (sic). This seems to be last straw that may break the camel’s back. It has led to a petition that has already gathered some 25,000 signatures. The spokesperson of Lavwa Losean alerts us “… Nous constatons que le modèle économique lié à l’industrie de la pêche à Maurice tourne vers le pillage des mers, la main-d’œuvre bon marché et l’exportation.”

* * *

Yihai again

Yihai International Investment Management Ltd was awarded the contract for the Immigration Square Urban Terminal. Heard that name before! Was it the same company that was cited in some imbroglio involving SIC, the ex-Minister of Finance and the leader of the Reform party?

 * * *

Double standards

Kudos to everybody and to our Chagossian brothers and sisters! Let us hope that the International Court of Justice will accede to the demands of progressive nations to remove the last vestiges of a shameful era. Next is Tromelin, and locally, let us hope that our Government will now listen to our demand to make the Agalega deal public. The major political parties in the opposition, especially the one which is promising to do everything within 10 and not 100 days, are not saying much, if anything, on the subject. Chup Chap! Big Brother is watching.

 * * *

Metro Express Terminal

The Metro Express Port Louis terminal, which is meant to replace Victoria Square Bus Station, will apparently be based mainly at Caudan, and passengers coming into Port Louis from the south would now have to use an escalator/flyover across the motorway to reach the Victoria Square Bus Station side. Why? Recall the previously proposed metro route and Phoenix Les Halles! Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

* * *

Credibility of the Central Bank

The position of the First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mauritius (BOM) demands a more reserved and restrained stance, especially on what and how to communicate. A BOM official cannot act as a government spokesperson without undermining the independent status of the Central Bank. Any perception of partisan behaviour adversely affects the credibility of the BOM’s policies. Being unseasoned in regulation is not an excuse!

* * *

Wolves at the door: Aquaculture & Sharks

What’s the link? It depends upon where you stand! When you are in the opposition, you will argue that the presence of fish farms can alter the behaviour of the sharks. In 2007 a present politician was the lawyer in a Court case against government on fish farming. When you are in government, you have to support your friends – the Growfish project – and thus there is no link between aquaculture and the increasing number of sharks in the region. “There is need for a study…” we are told – a study which will take some years… Meanwhile let us continue playing havoc with our marine biodiversity!


* Published in print edition on 21 September 2018

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