Of Bits and Boobs

Being naive, as always, it never occurred to me that some female Bollywood stars have resorted to Botox and plastic surgery to correct some supposed imperfections. When someone is born with a deformity or has sustained injuries such as burns, of course something needs to be done and we have to have recourse to surgery. That’s when Orthopaedic and Plastic surgeons step in. A lot of women want to enhance their beauty; nothing wrong in that but you don’t correct an already perfect face.

One young German woman was not happy with her lips, so she decided to have them plumped up. Her friends tried to dissuade her for she was pretty as she was, but she was adamant. Instead of getting fuller lips, they were all botched up following two operations and they ended up thinner and thinner, with the result that now she can’t drink a cup of tea without it spilling all over her. Her dream is to eat a meal in a restaurant, which she will never be able to do. To top it all, she will have to fork out thousands for more repair jobs, money she can ill afford.

Nowadays women have become obsessed with their breasts. Not satisfied with their two fried eggs as they call them, which is understandable, they usually end up with two botched-up lopsided boiled ones and worse two lopsided tennis ball or oranges. Those who have two nice orange-shaped ones want grapefruits instead. Then they end up with silicone poisoning, infection, lopsided looking boobs, pain in the shoulders and back, even death. When silicone has to be removed, they are left with empty sacks of skin.

For one South African woman, it was a case of life and death. Her breasts weighed 12 kilos as she suffered from hyperplasia and she had them reduced which was great for her as gone was the backache which she has endured for years. What a weight off her chest, and breathing became easier.

With the face, that’s another story. Very rarely, they end up with the result they expected and the picture they had in mind. After all their Botox, liftings, nose jobs, cheek implants and God knows what else, more often than not it’s a catalogue of disasters.

One American singer was quite cute when he was a young boy in the 70s. Gradually, his face, hair and complexion started to change. I just couldn’t understand it. It was like a pupa metamorphosing into a butterfly. What a transformation. Unfortunately, slowly and sadly his face caved in and he had to cover the bottom half wherever he went.

Instead of getting the best of what plastic surgery can offer, some end up with the worst of it as they no doubt make an abuse of it. Some women even become addicted to it. After all the construction and reconstruction job, instead of finally looking like the beautiful Kim Kardashian, they end up looking like the bride of Frankenstein.

Anyway, ‘même la plus belle femme du monde ne peut offrir que ce qu’elle a.’

* Published in print edition on 8 August  2013

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