Kul Bushan

A Historic Day 

Today is a historic day. The UN International Women’s Day today marks its 100th anniversary. For 100 years, International Women’s Day celebrates the political, economic, cultural and social achievement of women around the world. This celebration is also a reminder of the continuing struggle for equality women face across the world. In this respect, it is especially historic for India as the government is all set to pass a bill to reserve 33 per cent of seats in both the Houses of Parliament for women.

It is also historic for me as my mother gave me birth on this day and I pay homage to her unconditional love as all sons do. This is the day to remember and compliment all women who have touched my heart and inspired me, as all men who admire women do.

Interestingly, Air India has a 14-hour non-stop flight today from Mumbai to New York piloted by women and all cabin services by women. As a man, would you book a seat on this flight?

Here’s to all women!


Kul Bushan
8 March 10

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