Transform Your Life with Twelve Holistic Principles

Letter from New Delhi

Always running to catch up! Huffing non-stop to climb up! Over stretched at work. Overloaded with information. Overweight with little or no exercise. Living today takes a heavy toll. If you want to let go and feel easy, you find practical solutions in a new book Feeling at Ease with Yourself, published as hard copy and eBook by Konark Publishers.

This book is written by Rajiv Parti, MD, who worked as a Chief of Anaesthesiology at Bakersfield Heart Hospital in California, USA, for thirty years. He also worked as a pain management specialist and later founded the Pain Management Institute of California. When faced with life-threatening illnesses, Dr Raj discovered alternate holistic approaches such as yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, among others, to form these twelve principles he expounds in his book. These principles are based on let-go, mindfulness and revival based on Eastern spirituality to tackle stress, chronic pain and depression. In active dialogue with the medical professionals at Harvard, Berkeley and UCSD, Dr Raj shares his experiences in this book and on the lecture circuits.

This book will help you to transform your life with twelve holistic, practical principles to overhaul you: your body, mind, heart and spirit. Laced with real life stories of changed lifestyles with easy to practice twelve principles and exercises to enable you to understand and implement them, this book is based on the personal trials and solutions of a highly qualified doctor.

The language is so simple that it seems that Dr Raj is talking to you personally and the examples he has chosen are also real life cases that he encountered. In his preface, he explains how he came to write this book. He always wanted to be a healer. But he became a doctor instead. But fate wanted him to walk his real path and so he became so ill that he gave up his practice when he recovered and delved into spirituality which he claims is his real calling. This is the positive result of his suffering and quest.

After the introduction, each chapter covers one holistic principle that can easily become a part of any health management program. The true stories inspire confidence that each principle works and can be implemented with simple lifestyle changes. Finally, the exercises help to implement them for all round holistic health. In short, feeling at ease with yourself.

* * *

Why is 11 December 1931 important for you?

11 December 1931. Osho entered his body on this date. Why is this date important for you after 83 years? If you are reading this, you are certainly interested and indeed inspired by Osho. Then this date and the fact that Osho arrived in this world are of immense importance to you.

Why? Because Osho has contributed to your thinking, widened your horizon and most importantly, helped you to look at the world around you with a unique and radical perspective. And if you have been motivated to go for Osho’s meditations, then you have started on your journey for your transformation and realizing your total potential.

This is true for millions of people around the globe who have come to Osho and are coming today in increasing numbers. Today, Osho is accepted and acknowledged as a colossus among spiritual thinkers. Then Osho has given us a bouquet of active meditations to suit our special needs. You start with Dynamic Meditation to get rid of your suppressed traumas before becoming calm and peaceful. After this, you can choose any one or more than one meditation that is in harmony with your being and needs.

As you delve deeper into Osho’s vision and go on with his meditations, you notice a subtle change in your being. You relate better with most people. You get more positive responses from most people. And Dynamic Meditating certainly improved your overall wellness.

Then you wonder: why isn’t Osho being followed by everyone around me? Why do I seem to be the exception in following Osho? Because Osho remains distant from the current cacophony of spiritual leaders and gurus competing on TV channels and roadside billboards. Not everyone starts following a new messiah immediately. Jesus, who was born in this same month of December, took four hundred years before he became mainstream.

Osho has not taken four centuries to be understood and followed. Today, less than half a century, Osho is beginning to be much more appreciated by many, many more people than the disciples who flooded his ashram in Pune in the seventies. So you are much better off!

But that should not matter to you as long as you can experience how Osho has changed your life for the better.


Kul Bhushan worked as a newspaper Editor in Nairobi for over three decades and now lives in New Delhi



* Published in print edition on 19 December 2014

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