The State of Health of Paul Bérenger

The Leader of the Opposition, Paul Bérenger called a press conference on Wednesday last. The main reason for calling the press meet was to state that he had been diagnosed with a cancer in the throat and that it was the opinion of the doctors looking after him that the cancer was treatable in view of the fact that it has been detected at an early stage.

He was therefore proceeding in a week’s time to Paris where he would undergo treatment. He was hopeful that the treatment will be successful and that he will be able to resume activity in three months’ time.

It makes good sense that, in view of the nature of the disease affecting him and the public responsibility he has as the Leader of the Opposition, he has come out to make a public statement about his health.

We join the numerous people who have expressed their sympathy to Mr Bérenger in view of the health problem and wish that he recovers at the earliest.

During his absence for undergoing treatment and convalescence, Paul Bérenger stated that it was Alan Ganoo, the MMM’s deputy leader, who will take over both the party’s leadership and the position of the Leader of the Opposition. The latter will also carry on activities of the ‘Remake’ along with SAJ during Paul Bérenger’s absence from the mainstage.

It is widely recognized that Paul Bérenger’s authority and dynamism, together with SAJ, was what has been giving the ‘Remake’ its special flavour. It is not clear the extent to which Paul Bérenger’s absence will affect the momentum gathered by the ‘Remake’ so far. SAJ who had his usual Wednesday meeting with Paul Bérenger, appears to take this new development in his stride, having stated that he felt confident that Paul Bérenger will be on the stage together with him for the ‘Remake’ rally of 1st May 2013.

* Published in print edition on 25 January 2013

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