From nursing to restaurant business – Climbing the ladder the hard way

Spectrum of Mauritian Achievers in the UK

It is a well-known fact that most if not all Mauritians who came to settle down in the United Kingdom have made tremendous progress in one way or another. Like the Indians, Chinese and some of Middle Eastern origin, there are few other immigrants who have really made a difference as much as the Mauritian immigrants. The latter have put in more efforts than ever to make ends meet and for their families to lead a more comfortable life here. Here are the stories of a further four Mauritians who have made their fellow Mauritians and relatives back home proud. One quality that makes these compatriots stand out is their ability to adapt and embrace British society and integrate where others have failed.

Brinda Bungaroo

Brinda is a Mauritian-born lady who came to Britain after getting married to Dharma. She trained as a General Nurse and later specialised in Day Surgery. Her experience allowed her to take up the teaching and training of student nurses at Kingston and Epsom College of Nursing. Her sheer dedication and hard work got her promoted as Day Surgery Ward Sister. Eventually Brinda and Dharma decided to start their own business with the setting up of a Care Home.

Besides her full-time occupation, Brinda has a deep passion for food and for writing about food recipes in her spare time. A blog she started since the last three years has become so popular that her family and friends have encouraged her to open a restaurant. Her blog is available at:

Brinda Bungaroo in her kitchen

Brinda’s drive and inspiration come from her parents and families as well as her supportive husband. She says her father has always taught her that nothing comes on a platter so easily, you have to strive hard to acquire it – “kuma nu dire: narien pas vine lors plateau”.

Both Brinda and her husband find their job challenging but equally rewarding. When she first started sharing pictures of her food recipes on social media, she never expected such positive responses from her fellow countrymen and British nationals, who were not familiar with the diversity of Mauritian cuisine.

Dharma and Brinda Bungaroo

Brinda’s future plan is to continue sharing her passion for food and to popularise the simplicity of Mauritian multicultural cuisine with a wider circle of people. She thinks anyone can learn the art of cooking in the comfort of their own kitchen whatever their ability.

* * *

Kevin and Anusha Lutchmiah

When Kevin and Anusha came to London, the streets were not paved with gold but with obstacles and challenges. However, determined to succeed, they left nothing to chance. Kevin embarked on a degree course in Health and Social Care, following which he completed a postgraduate course in IT. Anusha took up Hospitality and Management studies, and later got a job in the Ministry of Justice; Kevin on the other hand found a career in the Care Sector for several years. In 2008, Anusha decided to make a career change and put her passion to work: she opened a restaurant like her mother had done earlier back home. Details and pictures about Chef Anusha Lutchmiah’s award-winning restaurant ‘Mauritius Paradise’, based in Wood Green Shopping Mall in North London, are available at:

Anusha and Kevin Lutchmiah

By word of mouth, Anusha’s restaurant has become a very popular eating place in North London. Customers travel from all over the metropolis and UK to taste their specialities. Kevin has also joined his wife in their business. Given her love for cooking and experience in this domain, Anusha is currently working on a recipe book.

‘Mauritius Paradise’ participated in charity aid before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. They provided hundreds of NHS staff and the homeless with free meals. It has also become the leading caterer at Mauritian festivals in the UK. Kevin and his team have been consistent in delivering food door to door in different areas of inner and outer London. The catering services of ‘Mauritius Paradise’ specialise in bespoke weddings, functions and full event management across the country. Furthermore, Kevin went farther afield to host a catering service for the Udit Narayan show in February 2020 at the SVICC in Pailles, Mauritius.

Kevin and Anusha receiving the award
for Market Hall Best Retailers Award

‘Mauritius Paradise’ is a multiple award-winning restaurant and catering services in the UK. It has already won the Mauritius Achievers Award for Best Restaurant Services in the UK; Market Hall Best Food Retailers on numerous occasions; West Indian Food Retailers award and Healthy Eating Awards by the local Authority.


Kishore Teelanah, Section Manager for Science Further and Higher Education (London), has over 34 years of experience in teaching, learning and education management in Science having worked in many educational establishments at different levels. He has special interestin the Biomedical Sciences especially in areas such as cancer and diabetes. He is also a mentor to final-year Bioscience degree students at Kingston University.

* Published in print edition on 13 November 2020

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