Uraysha Ramracheya: Miss India South Africa 2010  

By Chacha RNG

Uraysha Ramracheya, Uri for intimates and daughter of Ebene City promoter Raj Ramracheya, was crowned Miss India KZN South Africa (KZN stands for Kwazulu Natal) on Saturday 17 July during the Miss India KZN South Africa Pageant 2010. The show was held at the City Hall in Durban, starting a little after 19.30 hrs and ending at about 23.30 hrs. There were 19 contenders in all, out of whom ten finalists were identified by the jury. Of these three were selected to be the winners, and Uri won the day.

‘KWAZULU-NATAL’s newest youth ambassador is more than just a pretty face — she’s a third-year law student with a flair for the dramatic arts.

Uraysha Ramracheya (20) was crowned Miss India South Africa KZN on Saturday night, a role she said she has been preparing for since she was four years old. “Everything I have done since I was a child has been gearing towards this. This is honestly where I want to be.” 

Ramracheya said she had carefully considered her drama and law combination when applying to universities. 

“I have wanted to act for as long as I can remember,” she said. “My mother supported me, but also encouraged me to have something to fall back on, which is why I chose law and drama.” 

Ramracheya wowed the judges with a semi-autobiographical mono-drama. “It involved drama, singing and dance — all in three minutes,” she said. “I explored the issue of identity; between being Indian and being South African,” she explained. “My monologue ended with the words ‘Indian by soul, South African by heart; I will be both’ and that is the solution to the dilemma we face as young Indians,” she said.  

Ramracheya said that in the coming year she hopes to work with organisations promoting culture among the youth.’ 

The Consul of India, present at the function, announced that the three winners – Uri and her two princesses, would be offered a trip to India for three weeks, fully sponsored by the Indian government under the ‘Know India’ programme, during which they would be introduced to various aspects of Indian life and culture. Naturally, the girls were excited and all of them were looking forward to the trip.  

Congratulations to Uri and her proud family. 

* Published in print edition on 23 July 2010

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