Mr Coustik and Mr Check-Off

By B. Ganesha

Mr Coustik has remained Mr Coustik, and while he is no longer Mr Check-off, he has also become Mr Check-out. After having engineered the exit of Shekar Naidu and Joe Lesjongard from the MSM of Pravind Jugnauth, and set brother against brother, nephew against uncle, he has now checked out Ashock Jugnauth from the so-called remake of 2000, and marginalized Eric Guimbeau from it.

Mr Coustik is a past master in “brûler ce qu’il a adoré”, and “adorer ce qu’il a brûlé”. And he does so all along in a cold, calculated, and cynical manner, with his perpetual credo that “la fin justifie tous les moyens”, and all these “moyens” are iconoclastic.

The so-called remake of 2000 is no more than a Bérenger-Anerood Jugnauth get-together; it is not an MMM-MSM alliance, as Bérenger particularly has shrewdly and superficially marketed it out to be. In the process, Bérenger has marginalized little brother Pravind as someone insignificant. Within the MMM of Bérenger, there are well-thinking members who are most unhappy with this remake of 2000. For the sake of expeditiousness, they are toeing Bérenger’s line for the time being. They are bound, sooner or later, to raise their heads and voices once their conscience and consciousness starts hitting harder. For the present, they have agreed to travel in the same ship: a ship which has been “colmaté” and having on board, in the first-class and privileged cabins, those very persons who, not so long ago, were publicly denounced as “zotte même acheté, zotte même vendé”.

No alliance based on common or shared personal animosity, no alliance based on and motivated by a personal agenda, can succeed in the Mauritius of today and of tomorrow. Only an alliance based on common and shared ideas and ideals, on service to the people and the country, on a shared vision for the future, led by a visionary and humanitarian leader, can, and shall succeed, for the common good, and for a still better, safer, and more secure future.

Mr Coustik is condemned by his very nature to go on “cousticking” (somersaulting), until he is himself “checked out”.
“Tant va la cruche à l’eau qu’à la fin elle se brise…”

* Published in print edition on 20 April 2012

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